Edith Stein Gesellschaft Österreich 

About Us

The Edith Stein Society of Austria [Edith Stein Gesellschaft Österreich (ESGÖ)] was founded on 5. Oktober 2012 with the purpose of promoting the life, work and memory of Edith Stein (Sr. Teresia Benedicta a Cruce OCD). The Society aims to support a wider, deeper and richer understanding and appreciation of Edith Stein as a woman, philosopher, daughter of the Jewish people, Christian, Carmelite and her veneration as a saint and co-patroness of Europe, as well as bringing her philosophical, pedagogical and spiritual legacy into academic and social discourse.

The Society also aims to bring St. Edith Stein, in every aspect of her life and work, to a wider audience and encourage fruitful engagement with contemporary issues.

Edith Stein's life was closely linked to significant developments in intellectual history, tragic historical events of her time and the life and changes in her own family. Therefore the society dedicates itself to the understanding of different generations and peoples, and the strengthening of the European identity. It strives for a dialogue in which the fundamental rights and dignity of human beings are recognized and respected regardless of existing borders and national, ethnic, religious, political or economic differences.

The society also aims to promote an expansion and deepening of the Christian-Jewish dialogue on the basis of the intellectual and spiritual legacy of Edith Stein.

     We must all stand together: human dignity is at stake. There is only one human family. The new saint also insisted on this: “Our love of neighbour is the measure of our love of God. For Christians — and not only for them — no one is a ‘stranger’. The love of Christ knows no borders” ... St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross says to us all: Do not accept anything as the truth if it lacks love. And do not accept anything as love which lacks truth! One without the other becomes a destructive lie.

John Paul II Rom, 11. October 1998.

     Today's proclamation of Edith Stein as a Co-Patroness of Europe is intended to raise on this Continent a banner of respect, tolerance and acceptance which invites all men and women to understand and appreciate each other, transcending their ethnic, cultural and religious differences in order to form a truly fraternal society.

John Paul II, Motu proprio 1. October 1999.

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